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Three Steps to a Smoother Divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2013 | Child Custody, Divorce, Firm News, General, Mediation |

For anyone who has gone through or is going through a divorce, one thing is clear: the words “easy” and “divorce” do not go well together very often. No matter how sure someone may be that they want a divorce or how amicable the separation is, ending a marriage is difficult for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, many of these difficulties cannot be avoided. Divorce is hard for the spouses involved, the children in the middle and the extended family looking in.

While an “easy divorce” is almost impossible, there are some steps that people may take prior to the initiation of divorce that could help it go more smoothly. There are things that one partner can do with or without the support of the other or the couple can work together to deal with these issues so that they do no delay the divorce proceedings.

  1. Educate yourself: Divorce laws are different in every state. Before the process actually begins, become informed about what divorce will look like in your specific district and what steps will be involved before it is finalized. Learn about the conditions of property division and spousal support, so that you are prepared to fight for what you are entitled to in the marriage. Informing yourself will also prepare you in terms of the difficulty and length that can characterize a divorce and help you learn ways to make the process more efficient.
  2. Discuss the method of divorce: In an amicable divorce, some couples are able to agree on a number of issues such as raising children, finances and property division. If you and your former spouse feel as though you and your attorneys can work through the conditions yourself, you may want to keep control of the divorce rather than giving it up to a judge to decide. There are a number of alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, that allow couples to settle the conditions of a divorce outside of the courtroom. While settling a divorce outside of a courtroom is much less formal, there will be contracts and forms to sign that finalize the agreed upon conditions, keeping you accountable to your agreements.
  3. Update tax forms and estate plans: Whether or not the divorce is uncontested, you can make the coming process easier on yourself by changing your W-2 and other tax forms to accommodate the change in dependency status or the amount of dependents. Likewise, you should review any plans you had previously made for your estate and update them according to your wishes. Being married, it is likely that you included your spouse among estate beneficiaries and now that you are divorced, you may wish for that to be different. These are both things you can do now to save yourself time later.
  4. Hire an attorney: No matter how amicable the separation may be, it is advisable that you retain legal counsel that is solely interested in your benefit. Having a lawyer beside your through the numerous steps of divorce will shed light on complex financial matters and given you the peace of mind that your interests are being fought for. Your divorce lawyer will be able to help you through the actual divorce, child custody hearings and settlements concerning child/spousal support. Divorce has a way of interfering with emotions and having someone who you can count on for consistent, dependable counsel on legal matters will alleviate the difficulty of the separation.

If you are considering divorce or if your spouse has already filed for divorce, you may be overwhelmed at the thought of what lies ahead. At Kalled Law Offices, PLLC, we want to let you know that you do not have to go through this alone. We are here to stand beside you through every step along the way and ensure that your rights, interests and needs are met and that the divorce reaches a conclusion that is satisfactory to your wishes. Contact our New Hampshire divorce lawyer today to learn more about how we can help you through your divorce.