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Signs your marriage could be over

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2024 | Divorce |

Recognizing the signs that a marriage is over can be a painful realization. If only to better safeguard your interests into the future, it’s important to take a close look at the situation if your marriage is showing signs of nearing its end.

Understanding these signs is essential for preparing yourself emotionally and practically for the next steps, possibly including the divorce process.

Lack of communication

One of the most telling signs that your marriage may be over is a significant lack of communication. When you no longer share your thoughts, feelings or daily experiences with your spouse, the emotional bond that forms the foundation of your marriage starts to erode.

Planning a future without your spouse

Another significant indicator is when you start planning your future without considering your spouse. This could involve making major life decisions—such as career moves, financial planning or choosing a living situation—without involving your spouse in the decision-making process. When envisioning life ahead brings relief or excitement at the prospect of doing so alone, it suggests a deep disconnect and a likelihood that your marriage is beyond repair.

Reduction in arguing

A reduction in arguing can also signal that your marriage is over. While constant arguing is often seen as a sign of a troubled relationship, the sudden absence of conflict can indicate resignation or indifference. This detachment can signify that both parties have emotionally moved on, even if they haven’t physically separated.

Preparing for divorce

Recognizing these signs is a critical step toward accepting that one’s marriage may be over and beginning the process of preparing for a divorce. This preparation involves several practical considerations, such as understanding your legal rights, organizing financial documents and considering living arrangements post-separation.

You have to consider several things when you’re getting ready for a divorce. Two primary considerations are property division and child custody (if applicable). Having a legal representative explain your options to you and help you develop your plan for moving forward may help to take some of the stress out of this situation, if it occurs.