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Although misdemeanor charges carry lighter penalties than felonies, there is no such thing as a minor criminal conviction. Ideally, you want to avoid any type of criminal record when at all possible. If you have been charged with a crime, contact Kalled Law Offices, PLLC, for a competent New Hampshire misdemeanors lawyer. With over four decades of collective experience, our firm has successfully represented countless clients with a variety of misdemeanor charges. We are knowledgeable in trial-tested defense strategies to help you obtain the results that you want.

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Classifications Of Misdemeanor Crimes In New Hampshire

Misdemeanors are often classified into levels, or degrees, denoting the seriousness of the offense. In New Hampshire, misdemeanors are classified as Class A or Class B misdemeanors. This can influence the penalty for conviction, resulting in lesser or more serious punishment for a specific crime. When you come to our firm, our New Hampshire misdemeanors attorney can advise you about the specifics of your case and recommend the best legal strategy in your situation.

Certain factors that can turn your misdemeanor into a felony crime include:

  • When a dangerous weapon is involved
  • Prior convictions
  • Causing injury to a person
  • A fourth DUI conviction
  • The value of the property, either destroyed or stolen

A misdemeanor is generally a crime that is not punishable by prison time. However, a Class A misdemeanor carries a maximum jail sentence of a year or less and up to a $2,000 fine. Class B misdemeanors are punishable by a fine of up to $1,200 and no jail time. If the penalties increase for more serious misdemeanors and if the crime or defendant meets any of the criteria listed above, there is a risk that the charges could be upgraded to a felony.

Any Conviction Is Serious

Although a misdemeanor is certainly a less serious problem than a felony, it is better to avoid any criminal conviction. Even a misdemeanor conviction can have a negative impact on your life, which can last far longer than the time of your punishment. In New Hampshire, these convictions can be expunged from your record after three years from the time you complete your sentence. As your criminal defense attorney in Ossipee, we can also guide you through this process along with defending you at trial. Take the first step to ensuring your rights are protected by contacting our firm today at 603-945-7259.