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New Hampshire Divorce Lawyer

In the event of a divorce, there is a good chance that the spouse making the smallest income will seek spousal support, or alimony, to help make ends meet. Under New Hampshire law, an individual may seek an order for alimony only if he or she is eligible. Both spouses may pursue alimony; it is not restricted by gender. Instead, the court looks at each person’s current circumstances and earnings to decide whether an award of spousal support is warranted. Call Kalled Law Offices, PLLC, if you are in the midst of a divorce and believe you may be entitled to spousal support, or if you feel your spouse’s claim against you for spousal support is not warranted. Don’t wait until the first hearing you need legal help to protect your finances. Contact our office at 603-945-7259 today!

Cases That Warrant The Awarding Of Alimony

Spousal support will only be awarded if the court finds two factors to be true:

  • The spouse asking for spousal support, or alimony, must not have enough income, property or both to support themselves, or to maintain a lifestyle fairly similar to the one they had during the marriage;
  • The spouse who would be paying spousal support, or alimony, must be able to afford to pay the amount of support requested, in addition to supporting themselves.

There is no clear-cut answer to whether support will be awarded. Instead, the court will look at a number of different factors and make its ruling based upon their findings of fact. The various items they take into consideration usually include the following:

  • Source of income and the total amount of money each spouse earns or receives
  • How long the couple was married
  • Whether each spouse is employed and earning an income
  • Whether either spouse has any obstacles to earning an income
  • Social or economic status, health and age of each spouse
  • Any needs or liabilities associated with each spouse
  • If one of the spouses was at fault for the divorce
  • The ability of each spouse to earn income in the future
  • How much property or assets each spouse received in the divorce

This list is not complete, and there are other aspects of the parties’ lives that play a role in the decisions made by the court. Get in touch with our office to obtain a legal advocate who will help ensure your rights are protected as you pursue alimony, or if you are being unfairly pursued for spousal support payments.

Over 50 Years Of Combined Experience

Serving residents throughout New Hampshire, Kalled Law Offices, PLLC, places each client as a priority. Creating unique case strategies for every individual that comes to our office, we never take a cookie-cutter approach because we know that each situation is different. When it comes to spousal support, tensions may run high and your ex-spouse may be uncooperative. We are here to help make sure that your best interests are protected! Contact our office today at 603-945-7259 and discover why our New Hampshire divorce lawyers excel at what they do. No case is too complicated for our legal team.